Spalding & Griffin, GA-5 animal to be euthanized by Friday!

The following 5 dogs are scheduled to be euthanized between Thursday May 15th and Friday May 16th. The shelter is overflowing and they have been picked because they appear “scared.” This is no reason for them to die. The shelter even allows for a last chance notification, meaning you can sign up to be contacted at the las moment if nobody else claims them. Follow the link at the end of the post to go to the shelter’s page about these dogs.

Eugene (male, adult Chow mix):


E.T. (male, adult Chow mix):


Elsa (female, young adult Lab mix):


Elroy (male, adult Lab mix):


Enola (female, young adult Terrir mix):


These animals are located at the Spalding County Animal Shelter in Georgia. Click the following link:


One Response

  1. I feel SO bad for these dogs. 😦

    It breaks my heart. I hope someone rescues all of them. People keep breeding while innocent babies get put to sleep. So sad.

    I’m praying they find homes.

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