Philly, PA-URGENT Dogs need homes/foster!

The following dogs are at a shelter in Philadelphia, PA. They have been at the shelter for a few months, so their time is running out.



As you can tell, this poor dog needs to get into a foster home where he can put come weight on.  We think he’s about 2 years old and it seems like he knows sit.  He can’t be in a home with cats and would only be placed in a home with other dogs if the owners are experienced.  He has been in the shelter for over 2 months!



Very playful 6m-1yr old pit mix, with the cutest ears ever! Pooh is at the shelter for the SECOND time because his family was moving! Pooh looks so sad in his cage this time around and he would really like to be in a loving home again! Pooh has puppy energy and is too rough for a home with cats and childeren under 12. He needs some training to learn not to mouth/mount.



Rocco is very urgent! He cannot be adopted yet due to a health condition that is being treated. He is in desperate need of a foster! He is at the very top of the list to be euthanized due to lack of shelter space! Super cute already neutered small chocolate brown male pit mix. Poor Rocco is suffering from demodex- a non-contagious mange that makes him look a little grungy. Rocco was surrendered by his owner because they did not want to treat his mange, but with meds he should clear right up! We love Rocco because is good with other dogs, and loves people. He is probably a bit too playful and terrier-like for cats.

If you or anyone you know can help, contact:


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