Lumberton, TX-Abandoned dog needs home!


Sheba comes from a broken home. Her human parents split up and her “Mommy” moved back home with her parents and her “Daddy” can’t handle the ensuing stress of being a single parent. “Daddy” himself is high-strung and cannot handle the training by himself, is the actual truth. He became abusive when Mom moved out.

  • Border Collie/Terrier mix
  • About 7 months old
  • All puppy shots except Rabies
  • Currently on worming and heartworm preventative
  • Housebroken and crate-trained
  • Not spayed or neutered yet
  • Smart, trains easily
  • High-strung & energetic
  • Gets along well with other dogs, not as well with cats

Her foster mom says it might be best for Sheba to go to a home with at least one other dog, because she is so energetic. She would be great for agility training. Her foster mom also requires a spay/neuter deposit on any animal not yet spayed, which is fully refundable once the dog is spayed. She usually has the animals spays or neutered before they are adopted anyway, so Sheba could be spayed before adoption takes place.

Sheba is located in Lumberton, TX, slightly north of Beauomnt, TX, and just west of the Louisiana border.

Contact her foster mom, Terri, with any further questions or if you would like to adopt:


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