OK & TX-2 more legs of transport needed!

Please, if you can help, contact Tanya right away-CALL at 918-671-0123!!  This is for a transport tomorrow – 5-31

I will be offline today from 10:30am until 5:00pm (CDT) and can only be reached by cell phone at 918-671-0123 during that time.

I’m currently desperately seeking drivers for the following legs that take place Saturday, March 31:

LEG 3 **NEEDED!!** (3 Bassets)
(1hr 29mins, 98 miles) 10:25am – 11:05am

LEG 7 **NEEDED!!** (3 Bassets & 1 Dobe)
(1hr 44mins, 111 miles) 4:35pm – 6:20pm

This will be a second attempt to move these dogs. We are desperate to fill these legs! I know gas prices are absurdly high right now, but if you’re available, I’m BEGGING you to please consider driving one of these legs! If you can drive, please CALL me at 918-671-0123. If your not or the legs aren’t in your area, I would tremendously appreciate you crossposting. We need all the help we can get filling these 2 legs!! The full run sheet can be viewed at: http://www.acmepettransport.com/forum/index.php?topic=21070.0.

Thank you!!

Tanya Kittrell
NE Oklahoma
Volunteer Rescue Dog Transport Coordinator/Driver
Independent / OTRA VerifiedO


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