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Newnan/Coweta County, GA-Urgent dogs, puppies, cats, kittens need homes!

The following animals are at the Coweta County Animal Control. They are all VERY URGENT and could be euthanized any day! There are so many that I cannot list all of their specific info. Adoptions must be made in person, so we need pullers to get some until adoption, foster, or rescue can be arranged. Please follow the links at the end of this post for links to the pages with further info.





Click here for urgent dogs: http://www.shelterrescue.org/id1.html

Click here for urgent puppies: http://www.shelterrescue.org/id2.html

Click here for urgent cats: http://www.shelterrescue.org/id5.html

Click here for urgent kittens: http://www.shelterrescue.org/id57.html

  • We need people to adopt who live close enough to the shelter to go get the animals. If you do, please follow one of the above links to go to the shelter’s site and contact them. Please email me at afurryfriend@gmail.com and let me know if you adopt any.
  • We are looking for people to adopt who do not live in the area. TRANSPORT CAN LIKELY BE ARRANGED. We will get people to pull the animal(s) you want to adopt until transport can be made. If you want to adopt, but do not live in the area, email me at afurryfriend@gmail.com.
  • We are looking for local people/rescues who can physically pull the animals from the shelter. We are also looking for people/rescues to foster these animals. Some will only need fostered for a short time until transport to new homes can be arranged. If you can pull and/or foster, please email me at afurryfriend@gmail.com.

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  1. This is a wonderful site — thanks for caring about the doggies and kitties who so desperately need our love and protection!

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