Philadelphia-Shelter full, dogs need to get out!

The following dogs must be out by FRIDAY MAY 30! The shelter is full and these dogs are scheduled to be euthanized for room. They are asking for anyone who can foster, adopt, or rescue these dogs to help.


  • 1-year-old female demure Terrier mix. Brought in as a stray. Wearing life story on her face. An absolute lap dog. One employee says that within all the time she’s interacted with her, she has never even heard her bark. Likes to play with other dogs. Went into foster care 12 days ago and a friend came over and brought her dog. The two dogs fought over a toy and Cutie bit the other dog, Therefore, she will not be able to go back to the “adoptable” side of the shelter. She needs a home without cats (or dog toys!) for immediate foster or adoption. She is not a violent dog, but it is shelter protocol. She will be euthanized tomorrow simply b/c there is no more room at the shelter. This employee cares for and believes in Cutie so much that she offering $350 to help cover the cost of Cutie or will make a $350 donation to any rescue that takes her.

Laura (A04194668):

  • Young, beautiful female Pit Bull Terrier mix. Very playful and fun. She is a returned adoption b/c she was “destructive in the home.” She needs a home with a large, fenced in yard to play in and people who will give her the attention and training she deserves. She would not chew on things if given outlets to play, such as fetch, her favorite game. She already knows some commands, such as “sit” and “drop it.” She would advance well if someone was willing to continue her training. Walks good on a leash, but still has a lot of energy.

Felicity (A04694457):

  • 1 or 2-year-old female Pit Bull mix. Very obedient and walks well on leash. Calm, friendly, and knows how to sit. Would like a child-free home b/c she has some fear issues that need to be worked on. An experienced home would be best where she can learn to trust children and men. Very cuddly and playful with those she trusts.

Digger (A04710742): !!ADOPTED!!

Howie (A04654584):!!ADOPTED!!

All of these dogs are at the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association (PAWS) in Philadelphia, PA.

To help one of these dogs, contact:

or call the shelter at: (267) 385-3800

Visit their petfinder site for more info:


2 Responses

  1. I wish I could drive over there and adopt them all. It breaks my heart that any dog has to be pts because there is no home for him.

  2. I know, I think we all feel the same. You know, if you have the ability to foster or adopt, transportation can always be made.

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