Help Frankie the dog walk again!

We have only four days left to meet our goal in helping Frankie with his surgery other wise he faces being euthinized. We are almost there so, do not let this poor guy down.

Frankie is a sweet, adorable 7 month old puppy who has already endured a lot of pain and suffering. He was found loose in Philadelphia with three of his legs broken- the result of harm at the hands of some evil person. After sitting in the Philadelphia Shelter (PACCA) and faced with amputation or euthanasia, some wonderful rescuers came and saved him.

To date Frankie has had two extensive and complicated surgeries to repair his legs and he is slowly recovering. Throughout all of this Frankie has remained sweet, happy, and affectionate. His rescuers marvel at this wonderful boy. Frankie is truly remarkable and we hope that he will be running some day soon.

Please help us – Frankie’s vet bills are in excess of $4000 and our monies are depleted- which means we cannot help other dogs. Every donation goes directly to Frankie’s doctors. We are grateful for every contribution and ask that you share Frankie’s story with others. This collection ends on June 7- and we must meet our goal of $2000 -or no funds are paid out. Frankie appreciates your help and so do we.

Thanks for caring about a homeless puppy who has had a rough start. Woof.
No money will be taken unless all $2000 is raised.

Please go here to help, you can donate at little as $10! Help Frankie Walk Again


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