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Hinesville/Liberty County, GA-Dogs to be euthanized Thurs. June 5 8:00am

The following dogs are set to be euthanized on Thurs. June 5 at 8:00am. The shelter is so full that they could be put down any day though-there are dogs being euthanized every day. The person I received this info from has interacted with each one of these dogs can certify that everything in their descriptions are true. You will not find a vicious dog among them. The dogs are at the Liberty County Animal Control in Georgia. TRANSPORT TO OTHER AREAS CAN LIKELY BE ARRANGED!

Good news! 4 of the dogs have secured a rescued! Help is needed with transport from Hinesville, GA to Brooksville, FL (near Tampa). Donations are needed to pay for heartworm & other shots to allow the dogs to be transported!

There are only 3 dogs left that need to be rescued/foster/adopted! Please help the following dogs:


A 1-2 year old mastiff mix. He has a hurt leg, but he is a very sweet dog. you can see the friendliness on his face. He has an unbelievably soft coat, and he craves any kind of love anyone can give him. I don’t know this dog past, but I can see his future. I don’t see it in a freezer at animal control, but instead I see him stretched across someone’s feet, under the kitchen table. He is a gentle giant.


Was hard to get pictures of because he was so scared of the flash on the camera he kept moving, but his pictures do this gorgeous dog no justice. He is the biggest sweet heart, and his hard outer look melts away the second a hand touches him. He is so attention starved it would make the strongest person cry


Got her name from snorting like a piggy when you touch her. it’s almost her way of saying “thank you for loving me a little longer than the last person did, even if it’s just a few seconds” she was so scared in her dark, wet cell, and she was very camera shy. In person she only wants to be petted and loved on. She is quite the sweetie. a cinnamon colored dog with honey colored eyes, her pictures are not anywhere near as beautiful as she is in real life. Due to the lack of space at animal control they are killing the dog’s everyday to make room. Please don’t hesitate if you are interested, contact me immediately.

If you would like to adopt/foster/rescue one of these dogs, please contact:



Call Stephanie at 912-369-0424 after 6pm

3 Responses

  1. Hi there,
    I wanted to look through your page here but all of the pages show nothing more than the dreaded red X. I wasnt sure if you were aware of this and hope thast you can fix it ASAP.
    Warmest Regards

  2. Hmm…I wasn’t aware. I can see all of the photos perfectly fine. I will check into it.

  3. thanks
    I checked again, and I still only see the red x.
    just wanted to let you know , thanks for checking into it, hope youre able to fix it upo soon.
    warmest regards

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