Philadelphia, PA-Tons of cats/kittens need foster/adopt ASAP

PAWS is full of kittens that need urgent foster care in order to survive! Volunteer foster parents are crucial to the survival of our young kittens, as foster care provides a safe place for the animals to recover and find good adoptive homes, and frees up much needed space at the shelter for other needy animals. PAWS receives many kittens too young to be adopted out yet that need foster care until they are old enough for spay/neuter surgery. We especially need foster homes for momma cats with young nursing kittens, and for orphaned newborns that need to be bottle fed. We also need foster homes for young kittens without mothers who are eating on their own. If you have a spare room in your house please consider helping us to get these adorable babies and their mommas out!

A) Brown tabby momma cat with 4 kittens (all tabby) 2 weeks old

Black momma cat with 4 kittens (1 siamese, 3 black) 1-2 weeks old

C) Black/white momma cat with 5 kittens (various colors) 2-3 weeks old

D) Grey/white momma cat with 7 kittens (various colors) 2 weeks old

E) Brown tabby momma cat with 4 kittens (2 tabby, 2 orange) 2-3 weeks old

F) Black/white momma cat with 5 kittens (various colors) 1 week old

G) Litter of 9 (various colors!) 5 weeks old

H) Litter of 5 (1 siamese, 1 grey, 1 tabby, 2 black) 6 weeks old

I) Litter of 4 (1 orange/white, 1 grey, 1 calico, 1 tabby) 5 weeks old

J) Litter of 4 (2 orange/white, 1 buff, 1 grey) 4-5 weeks old

K) Litter of 3 (1 white/orange, 1 calico) 6 weeks old

L) Litter of 3 (2 tabby, 1 black) 5 weeks old

M) Litter of 3 (2 black, 1 black/white) 5-6 weeks old

N) Litter of 3 (1 black, 2 black/white) 5-6 weeks old

O) Litter of 3 (2 tabby, 1 black) 5 weeks old

P) Litter of 2 (1 black, 1 black/white) 6 weeks old

Q) Litter of 2 (1 calico, 1 torbie) 6 weeks old

R) Single grey tabby 6 weeks old

Single brown tabby 4 weeks old- very scared. This kitten is eating some wet food but will need a few supplementary bottles and/or formula added to its food.

T) Single black kitten 5-6 weeks old

U) Single brown tabby kitten 5 weeks old


Come to the shelter Wednesday between 10am and 6pm: 111 West Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Email Natalie at to confirm which litters are still available
Call shelter at: 267-385-3800 (email is best)

Unless you have a confirmed pick up time for today for a specific litter, all litters go into foster care on a first come, first serve basis.


6 Responses

  1. Good to read.

  2. just wondering if there is anyway to send to Canada.. i so want a grey and white furry kitten… my cat is 19 years old and she’s the same…if anything happens to herI want a kitten the same big time cat lover…had one for over 19 years,,,that should say something!!!

  3. I am sure there are shelters in your area that have kittens. There is a worldwide directory here:

    I hope you find the right kitten!

  4. Awww, I wish I could help out and adopt! But my apartment only allows 2 cats per unit. Best of luck finding them homes!!

  5. i want a 6 week old cute lovable ktten i from south phila

  6. Hi Natalie, Our family has been looking for a 5 or 6 week old female to bring home. We would love to foster a young female but in the end would also want to keep it as a part of our family! If you feel this may work for your fostering needs please email me or give me a call at home. 484-786-8193 Thanks So Much, Penny Bourquin

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