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Jacksonville, IL-14 URGENT dog at kill shelter!

The following dogs are all on the URGENT list at Morgan County Animal Control in Jacksonville, Illinois. They will be euthanized on Tuesday June 10 if not adopted or rescued by then!

Beetle: (only 1 yr old!)

Bailey: (only 1 yr old!)

Carli: (only 1 yr old!)

Daphne: (only 2 yrs old!)

Shana: (only 4 months old!)

Styles: (only 2 yrs old!)

Dahlia: (only 2 yrs old!)

Krystal: (only 6 months old!)

Berlin: (only 1 yr old!)

Tiger Woods: (only 2 yrs old!)

Banshee: (only 2 yrs old!)

Magee: (only 2 yrs old!)

Keesha: (only 2 yrs old!)

Double: (only 4 months old!)

Trouble: (only 4 months old!)

Contact Morgan County Animal Control: (217)-245-4015

or email if after-hours: dogs8@verizon.net

Morgan County Animal Control
202 W. Oak

Jacksonville, IL 62650

Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be able to help!

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