Philadelphia, PA- Dog needs foster/adopt!

This adorable guys needs a foster home or forever home adoption right away! He is at the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia.

Hi! My name is Pinky. I am a very sweet and loving terrier Pitt Bull mix. I get so excited when people come and see me that I jump up and down. I am a very good walker and I love to sit for treats! Pinky is in the –Teacher’s Pet program! He is learning how to be a good boy by walking on a leash, sit and stay, and be interactive with others. Here is what Kevin, his teacher has to say about him: “I’ve been working with a really sweet pit bull named Pinky. He got the name Pinky because he was missing some of his hair and his skin is pink! . This guy has been here for alittle while now and I would love to see him go to a good home. He works so hard at trying to please me and everyone. Pinky has come along way and I expect him to do great things! He has some marks on his face that will go away in time …..and with some loving care. I would really like to get him out of the shelter and into foster care. He is incredibly sweet with people and just wants to play with other dogs… I hope his appearence will not limit his chances of finding a good home. Its what is on the inside that is most important and everlasting….not on the outside. He is neutered.

Contact Pennsylvania SPCA at 215-426-6300


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