Chattooga County, Summerville, GA-3040 puppies/dogs euthanized! The rest need help now! Transport may be arranged!

The Chattooga County Animal Control is putting down 20-30 puppies and dogs per week! 3040 have already been euthanized! Barely any are getting out! The remaining dogs need rescued ASAP! FOSTER/ADOPT/RESCUE now! Dogs only have a 3-day holding period before they are euthanized. Owner surrenders have no holding time! They shelter only has 19 kennels. They have puppies and purebreads!

Jaxs & Shelly:

  • Jaxs (black and tan Coonhound mix) & Shelly are best friends. They are both about 3 months old. Jax had someone come for him, but the shelter said he was no longer there. He is still there and needs out!


  • Female Boxer mix. Found in an abandoned house where she had been without food or water for two months. Very sweet dog. She survived starvation, please help her survive the shelter.


  • Female Adult Shepherd mix. A gentle giant who deserves a loving home.


  • Female baby Black Labrador Retriever mix. She was supposed to have a shelter, but due to some shelter confusion she didn’t get saved. Please help her!


  • Female 5-month-old baby Shepherd mix. A little shy and scared, but very sweet. She needs some hugs.


  • Adult, female Catahoula Leopard mix. Very sweet to both humans and other dogs, including little puppies. Great temperament and very affectionate.


  • Listed as female adult Terrier, but she looks more like a teenager. Just a little peanut! Not too big, but has really cute big ears!


  • Adult, female Hound/Beagle mix. Was turned in by a woman who said the owner had moved away and just left poor Cassie. Very sweet. Great on the leash.

Chance: !!ADOPTED!!

  • Male American Bulldog mix. Adores children and adults! Would make great family dog! Very great with other dogs! About 1-year-old.

Reilly: !!ADOPTED!!

  • Playful 4-month-old German Shepherd mix. Really sweet and playful.

Marly: !!ADOPTED!!

  • Female Border Collie mix. Came in with her sister who has already been put down. Had 12 puppies at the shelter, but many of them have not made it out either. Wonderful girl who loves to be petted.

Please help these animals! The shelter is supposed to give the dogs 5 days, but they aren’t adhering to the rules. These dogs could be gone at any moment. Be sure to bring/send pictures of the dogs you want with whoever is going to pick them up! The shelter threw out the old licenses and the dogs often do not keep the id numbers they came in with. They might tell you the dog is not there when it really is- they have made this mistake too many times before.



Contact the shelter at: 706-857-0679


fax: 706-857-0676

464 Red Oak Road
Summerville, GA 30747

Go to their petfinder page for more animals and info:


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  1. The Chattooga County Animal Control is horrible. They picked up one of my Siamese kittens a few months back, and put it down just 2 days after they picked it up. The cat had a chip, and they didn’t even scan it. Worst shelter, period.

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