Philadelphia, PA- Urgent dogs need foster/rescue/adopt ASAP!

The following dogs are at the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association. The must get out immediately! I posted some from this facility yesterday and some of those have already been euthanized! Please consider foster, adopting, or rescuing these wonderful dogs!


  • Handsome, unaltered male Beagle-Shepherd mix. Only about 9 months old! Poor Jackson is a little skinny and could use some weight put on him. Shy at first, but very friendly and cute. Just needs some time and space to learn how to open up.

Delta: (available only by appointment-contact Natalie at bottom of page)

  • Beautiful 1-2 year old female Shepherd-Terrier mix. Small, compact, and very shy. Came into the shelter as a stray in very bad condition. She has been treated and is now ready to leave the shelter. Very scared and nervous in loud stressful environment, but she is a sweet girl who deserves a chance in a quiet, loving place.

Scoop: (available by appointment only-contact Natalie at bottom of page)

  • 1-2 year old female Terrier-Hound mix. Poor Scoop has been bounced around. Came in as a fearful stray and was sent to a foster, but was returned because she played rough with the foster’s family dog. Good with children and adults, but needs to learn boundaries and manners. Responsive to training and corrections, but may get distracted at times. Pretty, friendly, and very playful. She is stressing at the shelter and needs to leave immediately.


  • Beautiful female German Shepherd mix. About 10 years old. Surrendered by owners because they could no longer afford her. Great girl-good with people and all around laidback dog. In great shape for her age, but would prefer to be out of the shelter and in a comfortable home.


  • Sweet female Chi-Russell mix. 2-4 years old. Surrendered by her owner b/c they could no longer care for her. Very scared, but used to people and will come up to you and let you pet her. Supposedly may nip if she gets very scared, but the shelter has never seen this happen. Too “touchy” and scared for adoptions-her only way out will be through foster or rescues (and rescues are always full).

Please help these dogs in any way that you can. Pass this info along to anyone you know. The shelter is very full and dogs are euthanized for room all the time.

Contact Natalie at : or call 267-385-3800×114


5 Responses

  1. Are you aloud to foster a puppie untill an family member finds someone to adopt the dog or the angencey finds someone?

    Also, will it be possible for you to pick their own puppie they will like to watch?

  2. Yes, they are in desperate need of people to foster these dogs!
    I do believe you can pick the dog. You can go to their website and if you see a dog you’d like to foster, perhaps you could email them and ask if that dog needs a foster home. Or, you could email them and ask for a list of dogs that need fostering and pick from them.

    Do you live in the Philly area?

  3. Hello, I’m just a kid but I would really like some information about Fostering, I’m really interested in it and I know my family would be a great home to foster animals in, We live in philly, have a yard, already have some pets, 3 dogs and 4 cats, we have the cats seperated from the dogs so it would be no issue for dogs who don’t like cats! I just need to convince my parents that it’s a good Idea, because even though we already have pets I really think it would be great to be a foster family!!! I just need some more information on fostering to show my parents! Thanks for your help!

  4. By the way, If this workes out I think Jackson is just adorable!!!

  5. Hi,

    This is Janice Walker and I am deaf. Can you call my husband, his name Alan Walker 215-279-7414 5:30 pm. My cats 2 boys I miss so much my cats I don’t want put it away because I have to move out no place go.. I don’t know I do. Please no kill age 7 year old and 1/2 year old both boy. But one cat soon 2 year old little bite and play too much but fun, not really bite need nail off. I hate put it away or outside. I am crying.

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