Houston, TX-Dog needs foster or temp. foster ASAP!

This is Frito, a previously emaciated dog that has turned into a beautiful Chocolate Lab with a lot of TLC. He was being fostered, but the foster family had to move. He was taken to a rescue, but he was completely petrified there. He is also scared to be in the kennels at the vet. Volunteers assume this is due to his bad experience at the shelter he was previously at that allowed him to waste away to around 30 lbs! He is in the Houston area. You can help even if it is only fostering him for a week until a long-term foster can be found. He is also looking for a forever home. HE IS READY FOR ADOPTION! He’s a great dog. He’s good with other dogs. He really needs to be in a home environment.


frito before


frito after

This is an email from a rescue worker that has worked with Frito:

I got to spend some time with Frito this week, and you would never know he was the dog that was so near death just months ago. He is a funny boy who just wanted to give me kisses and stand by my side. I had to watch out for his tail though because he was so excited to have visitors, he was using it! He has muscle and a beautiful chocolate coat. His hair has grown back in and just looks so gorgeous!

Frito is now ready to go to his forever home! Despite his awful beginnings, Frito is a very loving and loyal dog. He is housetrained and cratetrained. Now that he is healthy, he is full of energy and would be a great dog if you want a dog for running or other activity. Frito LOVES to eat. His most recent antic was taking a cucumber right out of his foster mom’s hands while she was cooking and swallowing it whole! That will give you and idea of this boy’s need to protect his food! Who can blame him?

Frito is great with other dogs, but Frito is and will probably remain rather food aggressive (no shock there). So while he currently lives in harmony with three other dogs, we really would like to see him go into a home as an only dog (although it is not a requirement). We just do not want to see his new owners make a mistake and leave food out if there are other dogs around. The same with kids. He is good with kids, but we really do not want to risk a child accidentally carrying food in his or her hands near Frito and having Frito think it is his. So we really recommend that he not be in a home with kids.

But not only does he love his food, he adores his humans. He has a very adorable habit of taking things that belong to his foster mom (a slipper, a brush, a stuffed toy, a pair of underwear(!)) and placing them in a pile next to his food bowl. That is no doubt his way of saying “I love you like I love my food,” which is A LOT of love!

Frito is also a good protector of his home. He insists on sleeping on the landing on the stairs once everyone has gone to bed so he can make sure everyone is safe upstairs and still keep an eye on the front door. What a remarkably good boy!

If you are interested in adopting this miracle dog and giving him the love and safety he so sorely deserves, please contact Laura at lcarlock@mac.com or (713)502-2542.


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