Jacksonville, FL-Beaten dog needs home/rescue ASAP!

Save this dog

As you can tell by looking at his face, this poor dog was beaten very badly. Yet, he is still so sweet, loving, and forgiving. He is willing to trust humans again and wants a caring, forever home. He has been at the shelter since June 19. He could go at any time. The workers have been trying to keep him alive for as long as possible because they love his personality. Please don’t let this dog die knowing only hate and cruelty. If you do not live near the Jacksonville area, transportation can likely be arranged!

Contact Michele if you can help save this dog: ryninger@coj.net

He is at the Jacksonville Animal Control Facility.


4 Responses

  1. OMG! POOR BABY! Is he still alive? 😡

  2. Yes, he was rescued! A group called Animals in Need rescued him. I am trying to track him down to see if he has been adopted yet.

  3. I stumbled on this in trying to find a rescue group in KY.
    Oh, God, I can barely look at that picture. I’d like to know what happened
    to him also. Did someone adopt him?

  4. Ruth H.- I was told by the shelter that the dog was at that a rescue saved him. I’m still trying to track him down.

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