National Chicken Month!

September is National Chicken Month. Unfortunately, this month is not designated to honor the living chicken, but to appreciate all of the many ways we can serve it on a plate and eat it! I love chickens, but not on my table or in my tummy.



Please click on the following link to visit Compassion Over Killing, a website that encourages kindness to chickens, strives to expose the horror of the lives of factory farmed and broiler chickens, and offers many resources for those wanting to go vegetarian (or at least chicken-less):

You can click here to sign up for a free vegetarian starter guide:

Now, because I believe every chicken should live a long, worry free life with tons of open space and sunshine, I have decided to post a different chicken in need of a new home every day of the month of September. There are tons on petfinder if you’d ever give the poor birds a chance.


Diller is a very handsome rooster who loves to sit on one of the pot belly pigs to keep warm during the cold weather. Once it warms up, he likes to strut around finding good things to eat and people to meet. Roosters make very fun pets because they’re curious and very responsive to people. Diller is up to date on shots.

Diller is located at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. in Ravenna, Ohio.

Click here to visit Diller’s petfinder page:

Click here to visit Happy Trails’ website:


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