Murfreesboro, TN- Young puppy needs rescue/adoption URGENT!

This young Beagle-Pit Bull mix has been at the Rutherford County, P.A.W.S. shelter since Sept. 9th. The shelter estimates her to be around 2 months old. She’s very sweet, but her time is running out. They simply have too many animals at the shelter. This poor baby doesn’t even have a name. Her dog ID is #A047217.

Click HERE to go to the puppy’s Petfinder page.

Click HERE to go to the shelter’s Petfinder page.

The shelter is also looking for volunteers, rescue volunteers, and rescue groups. They accept applications from rescue groups to pull dogs.

Contact: Phone (615) 898-7740 / Fax (615) 898-7994


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for helping those who can not help themselves!

  2. Is it just my computer or does your website look a lot different in google chrome? I have just installed google chrome and all the webpages like youtube and google look the same but your site looks a little different. It looks like the font is a bit smaller and its different type of font.

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