Mondovi, WI – 2 goats & 1 pig seak new farm family

Oodles aka Mooster:

This is Oodles, who is now known as Mooster because he is growing up so fast! He is a wonderful 5-month-old goat who is finally ready for a permenant, loving home. He’s very sweet and has a temperment that is almost like that of a dog, man’s best friend.
Click HERE to visit Mooster’s Petfinder page.


Billie is a 2-year-old goat. He’s somewhat shy, but not aggressive at all. He needs someone who can show him love and that it is okay to trust humans. The shelter would love to place him in a home where he can have other goat playmates and some fellow friends with horns. The shelter would also like someone with goat experience to adopt Billie. He is a Alpine/Saanen cross. He is up to date on shots & has been altered.
Click HERE to visit Billie’s Petfinder page.


Poor Snubbley was found wandering through a local park and was thankfully just released from the Animal Control facility. He’s only 5 months old now, but he will be a large farm pig when fully grown. He is healthy and has been neutered. He’s very friendly and really wants a loving, lifelong home with everything a pig needs: love, friends, a mudhole, straw, and tons of cookies. Requires a farm with ag zoning for farm animals.
Click HERE to visit Snubbley’s Petfinder page. 

Mooster, Billie, and Snubbley are located at the Midwest Farm Animal Rescue in Mondovi, WI.

Please e-mail Candy with a description of your farm if you think you are the right parents for any of these animals:

Click HERE to visit the shelter’s Petfinder page.


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