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Washington State – Dog’s owner moving, will put him down if can’t find new home!

This is Nikki, a beautiful 7-year-old pure bread Siberian Husky. Nikki’s owner is moving to Nevada and says he is going to put Nikki down if he can’t find a new home for him! While it’s ever so easy to be mad at Nikki’s owner right now, we have to remember Nikki’s life is the priority here. He has done nothing to deserve euthanasia.

Nikki is neutered, weighs 90s lbs, and is a red and white Husky.

He should not go to a home with cats or other small animals. He will do fine with other dogs, as long as those dogs are not aggressive.

Nikki may also need some special health care – he has had a couple of seizures in the last couple of years, but seizures should not end a dog’s life and should be able to be controlled easily with medication or other means

Nikki would like a large fenced in yard. Huskies like to roam. Nikki has a love for adventure, enthusiasm, and loyalty that will be returned ten fold. He just wants a home and a family who will spend quality time with him. He needs lots of exercise as Huskies are super active, even at the age of seven.

The photos do not do this gorgeous dog justice! With a little grooming his coat would be stunning.

Please help give Nikki the second chance he deserves. He’s obviously in need of some tender loving care from someone who is not going to abandon him. It’s not Nikki’s fault that his owner is not making a good decision.


If you are interested in adopting or helping Nikki, please click HERE and leave a comment.

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