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Dogs in Politics Day!

Happy Dogs in Politics Day!

To ten reasons to vote the family dog president:

  1. By the time he (or she) reaches qualified age requirements, term limits probably won’t apply.
  2. Since there are no corners (and every dog needs their corners), the oval office could be rented, leased, or used as a coffee bar.
  3. Foreign policy becomes a simple tail wag and lick of the hand.
  4. Think of all the money saved on secret service protection for life.
  5. How hard is it to disagree with a friendly bark and paw shake?
  6. The Westminster Dog Show becomes a national holiday.
  7. After all, it is a dog eat dog world out there.
  8. Political pundits silenced due to the lack of non-discernible sound bytes.
  9. Nationwide mandatory naps, at least 3 a day
  10. Our commander in chief doesn’t take offence to be called… well… a dog!
List taken from HERE.

Click HERE to visit My Political Pets, a great site where you can register your dog, or any other pet, to vote, participate in polls, buy merchandise, post pictures of your political doggies, learn about the latest legislation and issues facing our pets, and enter fun contests to win prizes! It’s 100% free.

Are you aware of where your favorite candidate stand on important dog and pet related issues? Click HERE to get a checklist to determine whether your candidate is dog-friendly.

And finally, click HERE to take a quiz to test your knowledge of presidential pooches! (Ignore the plea to take the Jonas Brothers quiz…just click on the “Please click here to play game…”)

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