Littleton, CO – Deaf pup deserves loving forever family!


This is Edel, an extremely cute female Australian Shepherd. She is just shy of 8 months old. Edel was found wandering the streets some time ago when she was very young. Thankfully, she was found before she could suffer any mistreatment or injury.

Edel is deaf & blind. Despite her disabilities, she is full of potential and puppy love. She’s pretty much a normal, fun-loving puppy; although some accomodations need to be made for her safety. Edel had surgery on May 21. It resulted in increased light sensitivity, but she still cannot fully see. She does navigate her familiar surroundings very well, mainly thanks to her sense of smell. Edel navigates the yard and does very well on walks. Most people claim they would never know she was blind & deaf if it weren’t for the fancy red coat she wears.

Edel gets along with other dogs once she gets to know them. Since she cannot hear or see other dogs coming, she can sometimes become startled when they approach. She needs to be introduced to new friends slowly. Edel meets all human visitors with more kisses than they can stand!

To know her is to love her. To meet her is to be inspired. Open minds and hearts welcome to apply for the privilege of loving Edel!

The shelter adds: Perhaps she is not the girl for you, but please consider a donation to assist in her care and surgery.  Remember, SCSR relies soley on donations to care for their adorable adoptables.  Your compassion and generosity is appreciated

Edel is located at Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue .
Please click on the link above to visit their site, read more about Edel, and find out how to apply to adopt her.


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