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Jacksonville, FL – Over 20 dogs to be euth’d by 9/29!

The following dogs are located at Jacksonville Animal Care & Control in Jacksonville, Florida. They need to be pulled by a rescue or adopted before Monday 9/29! The Jacksonville Shelter has a bad reputation. These animals stand little chance if they do not get out now! Transportation might be available to people/rescues not in the immediate area! I am trying to contact a local shelter that might be able to pull a dog until transport to his/her new home/rescue can be arranged.

The animals’ shelter id numbers are listed below their pictures:

A267072-White and Brown American Bulldog, 1-year

A274723 Brown and White Female Basset Hound, approx. 3-years, HW+

A274841 Tan and White Chihuahua, 2-years old, Kicked in Stomach
bruised very badly

A277953-Chihuahua Female

A278131-White Male German Shepherd

A279288-Brown and White Male Chihuahua

A279677-Black and Tan Female German Shepherd

A277700-Tan Male Great Dane, 3-years old

A276168-Black and Brown Doberman Pinscher

A275813-Red Male Dachshund, 7-years old

A275563-Red and White Female Siberian Husky, 3-years

A267663-Red Male Dachshund, 7-years

A270994-Red and Black Female German Shepherd

A271133-Tricolor Female Chihuahua/Jack Parsons Russell Terrier, 3-years old

A272770 Brown German Shepherd 

A272702-White Female Chihuahua

A273371 Tan Male Chihuahua, 5-years old

A273965 Black Cocker Spaniel

A273552 White and Gray English Sheepdog mix

A274410 Silver Weimaraner Female, 9-years old

Click HERE to go to Jacksonville Animal Care & Control’s website & get info on adopting one of these animals. They have MANY more cats & dogs that need adopted.

Jacksonville Animal Care And Control
2580 West 1st Street
Jacksonville, FL 32254
Phone: (904) 387-8963 (if they do not answer, leave a message & call back again)

Email: jaxpets@coj.net

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  1. “KILL” shelters get a bad rap for euthanizing, but who’s to blame for pet overpopulation…irresponsible pet owners. All shelters that euthanize have a “bad reputation” when really and truly they are cleaning up the mess others have made. I work for a Humane Society in the Panhandle of Florida and we also euthanize. We have the bad reputation as wel..l despite saving over 7,000 lives last year alone. Our average adoption statistic for a month (give or take) is usually between 50-150 animals adopted a month. That is more than most limited space shelters (I dont like the term “no kill”) will do in an entire year. There is a “no kill shelter” in our area that calls our animal control agency to come pick puppies up after the people have left them at their door. That is deceitful. The public should become educated as to why this is happening and how to prevent it instead of who’s doing what. It should be a combined effort of everyone. No matter who you point the finger at…it is still happening. Email me for furthur information and stories of why this continues to go on.

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