Keep your pets safe this Halloween!

Here are some helpful tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween weekend:

  • Do no leave your pet outside on Halloween, unless you are with him/her. Animals have been victims to many horrible Halloween pranks. Cats, especially black cats, seem to have the highest risk. Pranksters have been known to steal, injure, tease, and even kill animals on Halloween.
  • Keep your pet in a quiet place, away from trick-or-treaters and any other activities that might be going on (parties, etc.). Animals can become easily stressed with people constantly coming to the door or going in and out of the house. Plus, you’ll want to make sure your cat or dog has no chance of running out the door when you’re handing out candy!
  • Keep the candy away from your pets! This goes for every type of animal, from cat to bird, to exotic. Many animals have a sweet tooth and will eat trick-or-treat candy if they can get it. Chocolate is poisonous to many animals. The chewy candy or large gum balls can choke an animal. Another warning: animals are attracted to the shiny wrappers many candies comes in. They can eat it and suffer severe problems and/or die.
  • Place anything with a live flame out of your pet’s reach. They can knock it over and/or burn themselves.
  • Inspect/examine/modify/do away with your pet’s costume. While animals often look cute when dressed up, costumes are usually pretty uncomfortable for them. It can also pose several health and safety risks. If you insist on putting your animal in a costume, examine the costume before putting in on your pet. Make sure there are no parts the animals could chew and choke on, that there are no flowing or long parts that could catch on something and choke your pet, and make sure nothing on the costume impairs your pet’s breathing, hearing, or site.
  • Don’t take the dog trick-or-treating. Dogs can become freightened in this situation with many people running around in strange costumes. He could easily slip our of your or your childrens’ grasp and get lost.
  • Keep all decorations that would be tempted for animals to chew on or play with out of their reach. Fake spiderwebs or streamers can cause very severe internal problems if ingested. Also, watch any extra power cords out of their reach. Chewing or playing with wires could cause electric shock.

I hope your and your animal companions have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


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