Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month!

 November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet month! It’s sponsored by ASPCA and Unfortunately, older animals have a very hard time getting adopted, but this is not because they are unadoptable. Often, older animals end up in shelters because their humans can no longer take care of them due to illness or age or their owners have passed away. Yet, many older animals are abandoned by their human families in favor of a new, younger version. Too often older animals at the shelter have to watch as people pass by their cages without any notice, excited to see the cute, young animals.

If you are considering adopting a new pet, please consider a senior animal. They’re full of love and just need someone to give them a chance. Older animals are perfectly capable of bonding with new humans. Don’t let them live our their golden years in a shelter.




Here are 4 reasons to adopt a senior animal:

  1. What you see is what you get. When adopting an older animal, any behavior problems or special needs are pretty apparant. Also, you don’t have to guess on how big the animal will get or what it will look like when it’s fully grown.
  2. Previous training. Most older animals are already used to living with humans. They’re used to the way things work, meaning they need far less supervision than a very young animal. Most older dogs and cats are already litterbox or housetrained. You might even luck out and find a dog or bird that is already obedience or skill trained!
  3. Physical demands are low. Senior animals are not as physically demanding. While they need attention and play, many will be content to curl up with you and relax. Older dogs are less likely to pull on a leash and are more likely to enjoy slow, quiet walks. Of course, there are plenty of senior dogs out there that don’t act a day over 5!
  4. Matching lifestyles. An older animal is the perfect match for an older person looking for a new animal companion. Or, if you are rather busy, work a lot, or just want a more mellow pet, a senior animal is probably for you! Senior animals often make great companions for other animals already in your home as well.
List partially taken from HERE.

Go HERE to see In Praise of Older Dogs, a compilation of pictures and stories sent in by owners of beloved older dogs.

P.S. Both of the animals pictured in this post are currently looking for homes. They’re both located in Cincinnati, OH. Visit Sweet Pea the cat’s page. Visit Lola the dog’s page.


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