Knoxville, TN – Beautiful cat needs new home!

This is Zeah, a 7-year-old spayed female purebred Himalayan lilac-point cat. Zeah is very lovable, friendly, and playful with humans. Unfortunately, her owner thinks it is best that Zeah find a new, loving home where she is the only cat. About 3 months ago, Zeah’s original owner moved and left Zeah at his mother’s house. Last year, he let a stray cat into the house and forgot it was there while he left for the day. When he returned, he couldn’t find Zeah. He finally found her in a closet, hurt very badly. She could barely walk for the following 2 weeks. She was taken to the vet and healed up fine, but she has now become aggressive towards most other cats. As a result, she now has to be confined to a different room most of the time because there are other cats in the household. Zeah is now living with the mother of her previous owner. This woman has fallen in love wih Zeah, but knows it is not healthy for her or the other cats if she stays there. She wants to find her a good home. She is willing to help with transportation up to 200-300 miles away if necessary. Zeah is not available to just anyone. Her owner is very picky about who her new family will be. A vet reference check will be required.

If you are interested in adopting Zeah, please contact UWLLV88@AOL.COM.


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