Wishbones for Pets Month!

Professional pet sitters from around the country and Canada will be offering a pet supply and fund drive approximately six weeks prior to Thanksgiving with all the proceeds going to their favorite pet related charity in your community.

Traditionally there are food drives for people during the holiday season. It’s only natural pet sitters want to help pets that need a forever home. Many pet sitters will be asking for donations or pet goods to help a local charity of their choice There will be drop boxes at local business establishments who have agreed to sponsor this event. Look for ads and signs promoting it!

Wishbones for Pets will be to pet sitters what Toys for Tots is to the Marines! 

There are many pet lovers that would like to help animals in need.  Sometimes they just need a little leadership, example and organization.  As pet sitters we can make a difference and Wishbones for Pets can help you. Click the banner below if you are a pet sitter and would like to run an official Wishbones for Pets drive:

If you’re a pet lover, shelter worker, or rescue volunteer and would like a Wishbones for Pets drive for your shelter, contact a local pet sitter and tell them to get involved! You can only organize an official drive if you are a professional pet sitter. Of course, anyone can run their own animal food drive for the holiday season!

Click HERE to visit the Wishbones for Pets official site!


2 Responses

  1. Two Paws Up! LoLLy is a rescue dog, and we thank Dog every day for the awesome people like you — you are the reason she is here! Keep up the great work. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  2. Thanks for getting the word out about this great project. I just discovered your blog and it’s awesome! I especially appreciate the “Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Deaf Dog” that you posted in honor of National Deaf Dog Awareness Week. I am passionate about disabled dogs (I have a tripod and a partially paralyzed dachshund) so I am really grateful for any and all efforts to bring awareness to special needs pups. Recently I created my own list – “Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Disabled Dog” that I hope you’ll check out on my blog:


    Keep up the great work!

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