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Adopt A Turkey, Don’t Eat One!

November is Adopt-A-Turkey month, and rightly so. Close to 50 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving in the U.S.

The nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, Farm Sanctuary, is asking that compassionate consumers adopt a turkey this year in one of two ways:

(1) Sponsor “adopt” a turkey living at Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen, New York, or Orland, California, shelters. For a one-time adoption fee of $20, sponsors receive a color photograph of their turkey, an adoption certificate and a year subscription to Farm Sanctuary’s quarterly newsletter. This sponsorship provides funds for feed, bedding and veterinary care for the turkeys and helps Farm Sanctuary encourage millions of people to celebrate a compassionate Thanksgiving for all.

(2) Home adopt and provide a safe, loving and permanent home for two or more turkeys. Individuals interested in adopting turkeys as companions must complete an adoption application. If approved, adopters will be placed on Farm Sanctuary’s Turkey Express schedule.

Every year, nearly 300 million turkeys are raised and slaughtered in the United States – 45 million alone for Thanksgiving. Most are slaughtered at only five months old, when male turkeys (toms) weigh a massive 25 to 32 pounds and females weigh 15 to 18 pounds. To meet consumer demand for white meat, commercial turkeys have been bred to have abnormally large breasts. As a result, the birds can not reproduce naturally, and the industry now relies on forced artificial insemination as the sole means of reproduction. In addition, most factory-farmed turkeys, comprising the vast majority of turkeys raised for holiday dinners, have their beaks and toes amputated, because they are allotted only three square-feet to live out their lives.

You can visit the Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project Click WEBSITEto learn more about sponsoring or adopting a turkey, see photos of rescued turkeys living at the sanctuary, read Alicia Silverstone’s secrets to a humane holiday, find cruelty-free holiday recipes, take a glimpse inside a turkey breeding facility, and learn how to take action against the inhumane treatment of turkeys.

Remember, even if you are going to eat a turkey this holiday season, you can still sponsor a turkey. In fact, I would feel more compelled to sponsor a turkey if I knew I was also going to be eating one.

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