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Philadephia, PA – URGENT! Young Shepherd pup needs foster/adopt/rescue ASAP!

A young female Shepherd mix dog, estimated to be between 6 months-1 year, is in immediate need of a foster family or forever home! She was abandoned and then surrendered to PAWS animal shelter in Philadelphia, PA on Tuesday, Nov. 11. She is very friendly, but the shelter can only keep animals for a VERY limited amount of time. She is still available, but the shelter does not know how long they can keep her. This means she could probably be euthanized at any time. Unfortunately, the shelter doesn’t even have a picture of this dog up on their site, meaning there is even a smaller chance of this dog finding a home. This is simply because they have so many dogs that they cannot post them all. I have been told by a shelter worker that asked me to post this dog that she is very beautiful, and her coloring is brown with some black.

The dog’s shelter ID is # A06369487.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering this dog, please call PAWS at 267-385-3800.

PAWS Main Shelter
111 West Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140

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