Adopt A Turkey, Don’t Eat One!

November is Adopt-A-Turkey month, and rightly so. Close to 50 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving in the U.S.

The nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, Farm Sanctuary, is asking that compassionate consumers adopt a turkey this year in one of two ways:

(1) Sponsor “adopt” a turkey living at Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen, New York, or Orland, California, shelters. For a one-time adoption fee of $20, sponsors receive a color photograph of their turkey, an adoption certificate and a year subscription to Farm Sanctuary’s quarterly newsletter. This sponsorship provides funds for feed, bedding and veterinary care for the turkeys and helps Farm Sanctuary encourage millions of people to celebrate a compassionate Thanksgiving for all.

(2) Home adopt and provide a safe, loving and permanent home for two or more turkeys. Individuals interested in adopting turkeys as companions must complete an adoption application. If approved, adopters will be placed on Farm Sanctuary’s Turkey Express schedule.

Every year, nearly 300 million turkeys are raised and slaughtered in the United States – 45 million alone for Thanksgiving. Most are slaughtered at only five months old, when male turkeys (toms) weigh a massive 25 to 32 pounds and females weigh 15 to 18 pounds. To meet consumer demand for white meat, commercial turkeys have been bred to have abnormally large breasts. As a result, the birds can not reproduce naturally, and the industry now relies on forced artificial insemination as the sole means of reproduction. In addition, most factory-farmed turkeys, comprising the vast majority of turkeys raised for holiday dinners, have their beaks and toes amputated, because they are allotted only three square-feet to live out their lives.

You can visit the Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project Click WEBSITEto learn more about sponsoring or adopting a turkey, see photos of rescued turkeys living at the sanctuary, read Alicia Silverstone’s secrets to a humane holiday, find cruelty-free holiday recipes, take a glimpse inside a turkey breeding facility, and learn how to take action against the inhumane treatment of turkeys.

Remember, even if you are going to eat a turkey this holiday season, you can still sponsor a turkey. In fact, I would feel more compelled to sponsor a turkey if I knew I was also going to be eating one.


Wishbones for Pets Month!

Professional pet sitters from around the country and Canada will be offering a pet supply and fund drive approximately six weeks prior to Thanksgiving with all the proceeds going to their favorite pet related charity in your community.

Traditionally there are food drives for people during the holiday season. It’s only natural pet sitters want to help pets that need a forever home. Many pet sitters will be asking for donations or pet goods to help a local charity of their choice There will be drop boxes at local business establishments who have agreed to sponsor this event. Look for ads and signs promoting it!

Wishbones for Pets will be to pet sitters what Toys for Tots is to the Marines! 

There are many pet lovers that would like to help animals in need.  Sometimes they just need a little leadership, example and organization.  As pet sitters we can make a difference and Wishbones for Pets can help you. Click the banner below if you are a pet sitter and would like to run an official Wishbones for Pets drive:

If you’re a pet lover, shelter worker, or rescue volunteer and would like a Wishbones for Pets drive for your shelter, contact a local pet sitter and tell them to get involved! You can only organize an official drive if you are a professional pet sitter. Of course, anyone can run their own animal food drive for the holiday season!

Click HERE to visit the Wishbones for Pets official site!

Dogs saved from death row, need transportation donations!

The following dogs, “The Death Row Kids,” were saved at the last moment from being put in the gas chamber at a rural Georgia shelter. Out-of-state rescues have pledged to take them and find them forever homes, but the pups need a little help getting to these rescues. They are asking for monetary donations to help with gas and such. Someone has already opened their facility to these guys, please open your heart and pitch in a few dollars to help get them to safety! Any amount will help.

Click HERE to visit their page and donate.

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

Did you know that November 2nd is the start of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week? Well, it is according to the Humane Society of the United States. Created in 1996, the goal of this week is to bring attention to the invaluable roles animal shelters play in communities and in the lives of animals and humans alike.

Here are some tips from on how to commemorate this week:

  • Want to celebrate with your community but don’t know where to start? Download the Event Planning Guide  and find out how to make the most of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, from tips on hosting an open house to samples of press releases to get your local newspaper involved—and lots of other hints for highlighting your shelter and staff. Then go to for more ideas on how to celebrate this week–and all year long.
  • Give your fans another way to root for your shelter—go to to get a web banner supporting local shelters for your homepage. Visitors to your site will be able to download the banner and place it on their own webpage, Myspace or Facebook page to share their support of animal shelters with everyone who visits their page.
  • Get your inspirational fix—read “Day in the Life” essays submitted by shelter staff from around the country. The touching personal stories highlight the day-to-day rewards, difficulties—and humor!—of working with animals.
  • Need more cuteness in your life? Mutts to the rescue! Read Patrick McDonnell’s Shelter Stories strips on the Mutts website. And be sure to check during National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week for Patrick McDonnell’s special Shelter Stories strips!

Here’s a list of things that virtually everyone can do to support their local animal shelter:

1 – Sport a Special Shirt or Tote Bag
Show your support for The HSUS and local animal shelters with an exclusive Shelters Rock t-shirt or tote bag available at all G by GUESS stores, or you can buy the t-shirt online.

2 – Say Thank You
Drop a note of appreciation in the mail or sign our e-card. You can even sign it on Facebook!

3 – Add a Banner to Your Webpage
Post a banner to your MySpace profile, blog, or website to show your appreciation for your local shelter.

4 – Make a Small Donation
Shelters can always use cash, but why not get creative? Donate a year’s subscription to Animal Sheltering Magazine for just $20, or check out your local shelter’s wish list on their website.

5 – Volunteer Your Time
Whether you end up walking pooches or lending your computer skills, shelters can sure use your help! Contact your local shelter to find out how to get involved.

After you’ve decided on how you’re going to support animal shelters, go HERE to sign the HSUS pledge!

This year’s Animal Shelter Appreciation Week theme is “Shelters Rock!” HSUS has teamed with various music artists to spread the word about the important of animal shelters. You can go HERE to find out more about the artists involved and purchase a special Shelters Rock! shirt, proceeds of which go to the HSUS!

*Remember, animal shelters run almost entirely on our donations and volunteer support! Without our help, the animals will have no place to go.


Divide, CO – Blind dog needs loving home!


Shamrock (aka Ziggy) is a male pit bull terrier/dalmatian mix. He is about 10-11 months old. Shamrock is deaf, but this does not stop him from being a wonderful dog. He loves other dogs and seems to adore people even more. He loves to cuddle! As you can tell by the pictures, he’s a very handsome boy. He’s crate trained. He needs to be neutered before he goes to his new home. He is up to date on shots. Shamrock would do best in a home with another hearing dog to follow around, because it will help him learn the ropes faster. The shelter would prefer his adopter to be someone with deaf dog experience, experience training a deaf dog, and a secure fence. Shamrock is learning hand signals and is a very smart boy. He’s very eager to please!

Visit Shamrock’s Petfinder Page.

If you cannot adopt Shamrock, you can donate to his care by going to his Petfinder page and clicking “Sponsor me” beneath the column of his pictures.

Shamrock is located at Mariah’s Promise in Divide, Colorado.

Visit Mariah’s Promise webpage.
Mariah’s Promise Phone: 719-687-4568

Littleton, CO – Deaf pup deserves loving forever family!


This is Edel, an extremely cute female Australian Shepherd. She is just shy of 8 months old. Edel was found wandering the streets some time ago when she was very young. Thankfully, she was found before she could suffer any mistreatment or injury.

Edel is deaf & blind. Despite her disabilities, she is full of potential and puppy love. She’s pretty much a normal, fun-loving puppy; although some accomodations need to be made for her safety. Edel had surgery on May 21. It resulted in increased light sensitivity, but she still cannot fully see. She does navigate her familiar surroundings very well, mainly thanks to her sense of smell. Edel navigates the yard and does very well on walks. Most people claim they would never know she was blind & deaf if it weren’t for the fancy red coat she wears.

Edel gets along with other dogs once she gets to know them. Since she cannot hear or see other dogs coming, she can sometimes become startled when they approach. She needs to be introduced to new friends slowly. Edel meets all human visitors with more kisses than they can stand!

To know her is to love her. To meet her is to be inspired. Open minds and hearts welcome to apply for the privilege of loving Edel!

The shelter adds: Perhaps she is not the girl for you, but please consider a donation to assist in her care and surgery.  Remember, SCSR relies soley on donations to care for their adorable adoptables.  Your compassion and generosity is appreciated

Edel is located at Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue .
Please click on the link above to visit their site, read more about Edel, and find out how to apply to adopt her.

National Elephant Appreciation Day

September 22 is National Elephant Appreciation Day, and rightly so!

Did you know…

  • Elephants produce offspring until they are around 50 years old.
  • Elephants cry, play, and laugh.
  • Elephants grieve at the loss of a fellow elephant.
  • Elephants don’t actually drink with their trunks; they use them to suck up water and pour it into their mouths.
  • An elephant goes through a total of 6 sets of teeth in his/her lifetime. 1 tooth can weight more than 11 lbs.
  • Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump.


Click HERE to discover more interesting facts about this majestic creature.

Unfortunately, African, Asian, and Pygmy elephants are classified as endangered species. At the turn of the 20th century, there were a few million African elephants and about 100,000 Asian elephants. Today, there are an estimated 450,000 – 700,000 African elephants and between 35,000 – 40,000 wild Asian elephants. There are now believed to be only about 1200 Pygmy elephants left in existance. Their lives are being threated at the hands of humans through illegal poaching and habitat loss. Ivory dealers are plotting to reopen legal ivory trade, meaning nearly all hope will be lost for the elephant species. Illegal hunting and black market trade are already almost too much to combat.

Fortunately, there is something we can do to help.
Many global foundations have started campaigns to conserve habitats, reduce poaching and other human related violence towards elephants, and increase protection for these animals. World Wildlife Fund has created  Asian Rhino and Elephant Action Strategy and the African Elephant Program.

Click HERE to visit World Wildlife Fund’s elephant page to learn more about the plight of this marvelous creature and ways that WWF is trying to help.

Click HERE to adopt an elephant through WWF! It makes a great gift to any wildlife/animal lover! I know I’d love one…hint, hint!

All money paid for an elephant adoption goes towards equipment and technology to protect the elephants from poachers and to other elephant conservation programs.