Please contact me at for the following:

  • if you know of an animal in need of assistance
  • if you or someone you know has helped one of the animals featured here
  • if you have further questions or comments

4 Responses

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your page is awesome! I wish that there was somewhere in south Mississippi doing this and I would be in for the long haul…if you know of any please let me know! Keep us updated & thank you so much for helping out the neglected animals that are out there! -Laci

  2. I am looking for a squirrel rehab…..have a squirrel that just opened her eyes and will need rehab before release. Where would I bring her?

  3. Looking for transport for young kitten from Hamilton, NJ to Catskill, NY right off the NY Thruway.
    Thank you

  4. looking for a black border collie that has a broken hip bone that was found on the end of eden hollow U.S. 60 east. her name is hudinie shes 17 years old

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