Christmas, FL – Chicken seeks new roost


Pierce is a gorgeous, healthy Bantam rooster. Must go to good home, NOT FOR FOOD! Make sure Roosters are allowed where you live. Pierce would make an excellent addition to any barnyard family! Please give him a chance.

Click HERE to visit Pierce’s Petfinder page.

Pierce is located at Fallen Pines Critter Rescue in Christmas, Florida.

Please call Shirley Cannan of Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue at (407) 568-7988 for more details or e-mail her at

 Click HERE to visit Fallen Pines Critter Rescue’s Petfinder page.


Mondovi, WI – 2 goats & 1 pig seak new farm family

Oodles aka Mooster:

This is Oodles, who is now known as Mooster because he is growing up so fast! He is a wonderful 5-month-old goat who is finally ready for a permenant, loving home. He’s very sweet and has a temperment that is almost like that of a dog, man’s best friend.
Click HERE to visit Mooster’s Petfinder page.


Billie is a 2-year-old goat. He’s somewhat shy, but not aggressive at all. He needs someone who can show him love and that it is okay to trust humans. The shelter would love to place him in a home where he can have other goat playmates and some fellow friends with horns. The shelter would also like someone with goat experience to adopt Billie. He is a Alpine/Saanen cross. He is up to date on shots & has been altered.
Click HERE to visit Billie’s Petfinder page.


Poor Snubbley was found wandering through a local park and was thankfully just released from the Animal Control facility. He’s only 5 months old now, but he will be a large farm pig when fully grown. He is healthy and has been neutered. He’s very friendly and really wants a loving, lifelong home with everything a pig needs: love, friends, a mudhole, straw, and tons of cookies. Requires a farm with ag zoning for farm animals.
Click HERE to visit Snubbley’s Petfinder page. 

Mooster, Billie, and Snubbley are located at the Midwest Farm Animal Rescue in Mondovi, WI.

Please e-mail Candy with a description of your farm if you think you are the right parents for any of these animals:

Click HERE to visit the shelter’s Petfinder page.

Cochranton, PA – Farm animals need loving place to call home!

The following 3 animals are at Hog Heaven Rescue Farm in Cochranton, PA. They, along with many other barnyard friends, are looking for new homes.


Xavier is an almost five-year-old alpaca. Alpacas not suited for breeding are neutered and donated to Hog Heaven to generate funds to help the hooved animals. Now, I don’t think Xavier deserves to be treated just as a “donation” and a “fundraiser.” He deserves a loving, spacious home where he’ll be treated like the wonderful animal he is. Alpacas are heard animals, meaning to adopt Xavier you have to either have an alpaca or llama, or adopt another along with Xavier.
Click HERE to visit Xavier’s Petfinder page.


Dudley is an adorable and gentle Appaloosa Gelding. He suffers from some loss of sight in his right eye. He also has some fatty growth on his right shoulder. The rescue says neither of thse things affect his ability to be ridden. Dudley needs a good home where perhaps he can retire from giving rides. Please help him live the simple life he deserves.
Click HERE to visit Dudley’s Petfinder page.


Tank is a beautiful Quaterhorse who was adopted from Hog Heaven, but his owners now need to return him. Hog Heaven is full at the moment and cannot keep Tank. Tank is looking for a new family to love him. He is suited for an advanced beginner. He really enjoys the trails.
Click HERE to visit Tank’s Petfinder page.


Shelbie is an 11-year-old Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie, Collie mix. She is spayed and weighs 58 lbs. She was owner surrendered because they didn’t have time for her. She was their dog for her entire 11 yrs. She was kept largely outside. Shelbie is housebroken, loves to be by your side, loves to be petted , get along with other dogs. Has no problem living indoors. She lived with cats before and is fine with them. She likes going for walks and this should help with getting off those extra lbs she needs to lose. She is already on a reducing diet to get her into top shape. She would be fine with well behaved children. Better off with children that understand that some dogs need their space. She would have a problem with children climbing on her. She is very gentle. She has a little food aggression in close quarters. Please help make her senior years wonderful! (I know, I cannot understand how anyone could get rid of a dog after 11 years either…)
Click HERE to visit Shelbie’s Petfinder page.

SHELBIE IS NOT LOCATED AT HOG HEAVEN! She is in Lancaster, PA. Contact: Barbara Burton 717-898-7583

To visit Hog Heaven’s website for more info and to see additional animals, please click HERE.

National Chicken Month!

September is National Chicken Month. Unfortunately, this month is not designated to honor the living chicken, but to appreciate all of the many ways we can serve it on a plate and eat it! I love chickens, but not on my table or in my tummy.



Please click on the following link to visit Compassion Over Killing, a website that encourages kindness to chickens, strives to expose the horror of the lives of factory farmed and broiler chickens, and offers many resources for those wanting to go vegetarian (or at least chicken-less):

You can click here to sign up for a free vegetarian starter guide:

Now, because I believe every chicken should live a long, worry free life with tons of open space and sunshine, I have decided to post a different chicken in need of a new home every day of the month of September. There are tons on petfinder if you’d ever give the poor birds a chance.


Diller is a very handsome rooster who loves to sit on one of the pot belly pigs to keep warm during the cold weather. Once it warms up, he likes to strut around finding good things to eat and people to meet. Roosters make very fun pets because they’re curious and very responsive to people. Diller is up to date on shots.

Diller is located at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. in Ravenna, Ohio.

Click here to visit Diller’s petfinder page:

Click here to visit Happy Trails’ website:

National Farm Animals Awareness Week- Sept. 15-21

September 15 marks the beginning of National Farm Animals Awareness Week 2008. Sponsored by the Humane Society of the US, this week is meant to shed light on the plight of farm animals and encourage people to turn their attention towards these often overlooked creatures.

Taken from HSUS:

“Chickens, pigs, turkeys, cows, and other farm animals raised for meat, eggs, and milk make up more than 95% of the animals in the United States with whom humans interact. Yet how much do we really know about them?

Farm animals are sentient, complex, and unique. They are as capable of feeling pain and frustration, joy and excitement as those dogs and cats we welcome into our families, yet industrialized agriculture treats them merely as meat-, egg-, and milk-producing machines, instead of the living, sensitive beings they are.

Just like those animals we consider to be our companions or those in the wild, these animals deserve our respect and compassion.”

Go here for tons of info on factory farm animals, videos, campaigns about their plight, and ways to donate and help:

Go here to visit the homepage of Farm Sanctuary where you can donate, take action, get veggie recipes, and more!

Because we’re well aware that not all farm animals live in factory farms or slaughterhouses, I want to highlight some farm animals currently living in shelters, rescues, & sanctuaries who are currently looking for a new, loving barnyard to call home.


This brave 15 week old piglet jumped off a truck going to market to be fattened up to be eventually be slautered. Both his back legs, and hips were thought to be broken and he has road rash all over his body. Now, he is healthy and happy and looking for a forever loving home.

Tumbler is located at the Midwest Animal and Potbellied Pig Association & Rescue in Pardeeville, WI.

Go here to visit his petfinder page:

Go here to visit the homepage for the rescue he’s at:

Massachusetts- Sanctuary needed for farm animals

A woman in Massachusetts is seeking a farm animal sanctuary for her hay-eating farm animals, including several senior animals. She rescued a cow from slaughter 10 years ago and would like to see it go to a safe haven where she can live out her life in peace. The animals’ guardian can no longer care for the animals because she cannot afford the cost of hay to feed them all.

If you know of a sanctuary that might be interested in these animals, please pass this info along to them.

If you or someone you know can help these animals, please email me at I will give you more information.