Palatka/Putnam County, FL – Desperate dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens looking for homes for the holidays!

The following animals are located at the Putnam County Animal Shelter in Palatka, Florida. They are all VERY URGENT. These furry friends need to be adopted into a home or rescued by an organization. This shelter always has a large flow of incoming animals, so many are euthanized each week. These following animals could be euthanized at any time, but none will last beyond November 25. To survive, all animals must get out of the shelter before or on November 24. The animals below are just a small group of those in immediate need at this shelter. To view more of the animals, please take a look at the Putnam County Animal Shelter PHOTOALBUM, each animal’s details are listed below his/her picture. The following animals are those that shelter workers indicated as being most in need.


Cage 66, Brindle mix, Male, Nice dog, Owner-surrender:

Cage 66, Tricolor Terrier mix, Female, Very sweet, Owner-surrender:

Cage 67, Lab mix, Female, Nice dog, Owner-Surrender:

Cage 67, Yellow Lab (looks to be purebred), Male, Beautiful, Owner-Surrender:

Cage 80, Mix, Male, Extremely nice, playful, and friendly, Found as stray:

Cage 46, “Sandy,” Tan mix, Female, Very sweet, Abandoned by owners:

Cage 51, “Henry,” Black-white Lab mix, Male, Very Sweet, Found as stray:

Cage 78, Blue Heeler, Female, Found as stray, (she is PREGNANT-please consider giving her a safe place to give birth where she does not have to fear herself or her puppies being put to death):

Cage 48, Red-white mix, Female, Nice dog, Picked up as Stray, (She has been taking care of the puppies in this photo, but they are not her’s. She rescued these pups, now it’s her turn to be rescued!):

Cage 22, Beautiful silver tabby kitten, (the eyes just look funky in the photo):

Cage 25, Black Hemmingway, Double paws (this poses no problem, it’s just very cute), Very sweet:

Cage 30, Large Snowshoe Siamese, Bright blue eyes, Sweet cat, (bad picture):

Cage 31, Medium long-haired orange Tabby cat, Very nice:

Cage 40, White & Tabby cat/kitten, Beautiful eyes:

If you are interested in adopting or rescuing any of these or any of the other animals at the Putnam County Animal Services, please: (it is best to call & email to cover all your bases)

Call: 386-329-0399 or 386-329-0396 (If you get the answering machine, leave a message including your name, the cage # of the animal(s) you’re interested in, the description of the animal you’re interested in, request that the shelter hold this animal until you can talk to them, and leave your phone number.

Email: (Include your name, contact info, the cage # of the animal(s) you’re interested in, the description of the animal(s) you’re interested in, and ask the shelter to hold that animal)


Leitchfield/Grayson County, KY – 100+ cats free to approved rescues, adoption fee reduced! URGENT!


When the Leitchfield Veterinary Clinic was recently asked to assist with cat euthanasias for the Grayson County Humane Society (GCHS) – the first feline PTS’s to be “needed” (due to lack of space) by the shelter in the last two years – employees at the clinic were heartbroken that the successful placement of shelter cats was nearing an end and that lives were now being lost. They decided that they wanted to do something to help the shelter and to make sure that such a sad ending didn’t happen again anytime soon.

As part of the national Make A Difference Day (which occurred on October 25th), the Leitchfield Veterinary Clinic graciously (and blessedly!) performed 40+ cat neuters and cat spays – all free of charge – for cats waiting to adopted or rescued from the GCHS.

With more than 100 cats/kittens now filling every available space at the shelter (and with several more in foster care), it’s BEYOND urgent that the ones that are fully vetted and/or sponsored (i.e. fees paid to be vetted) find loving homes or rescues ASAP. This is CRITICAL in order to save the lives of the unaltered shelter cats that are still waiting for their second chance at a happy ending. When space becomes limited (which it already is!), unaltered/unsponsored cats will unfortunately be the first ones to be euthanized.

ANY cat that is now at the Grayson County Humane Society can go to an approved rescue group FREE OF CHARGE. Many – if not most – of the cats/kittens that are four-months-old or older, are now fully vetted (spayed/neutered, rabies vaccinated, FVRCPC vaccinated, FeLV/FIV tested, dewormed, and treated with flea preventative) and ready to go. Any sponsored kitten that isn’t yet altered, can still go to an approved rescue group and the sponsorship money will be sent along to the group to use as needed for such vetting.

Adoptions – which normally cost $55 for a fully vetted cat – are now only $30. Out-of-state adoptions ARE allowed, but please understand that the approval process can sometimes take longer than it does for local adoptions. To speed up the process, you can fill out an adoption application online at .

Please don’t let distance prevent you from rescuing or adopting any of the Grayson cats. Transport to the northeast or towards the Chicago area can often be arranged. The Grayson County Humane Society has an incredibly dedicated group of volunteers who not only donate their time and energy to transport these furry angels to rescue groups and adopters, but whom also pay for such life-saving journeys out of their own pocket (although a donation towards gas is always appreciated).

While there are only a few precious Grayson cat photos posted below, you can see many more pictures and get additional helpful information about each one of the Grayson furrpurrs by clicking on the “Click Here To Only See Our Cats” link on the Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA Petfinder web site at .

If you can rescue or adopt any of these fabulous felines or if you have questions about any of the cats that are listed, please contact the shelter volunteers at ( or (, or call 270-230-8839. If you don’t have room in your rescue group or loving home for a cat, but if you know of someone who does, please forward this message on to them ASAP.

Please share in the amazing generosity of the Leitchfield Veterinary Clinic and help extend the meaning of the Make a Difference Day. By opening your heart and home to just one of the Grayson cats, you will have made a world of difference to that precious life. We can’t save them all, but we can certainly try to save as many as possible. Thank you for any and all help that you can provide.

Donna Schwender
Friend of the Grayson County Humane Society

Great deaf pet resource from Petfinder!

I found this wonderful page on Petfinder that explains deaf pets, has wonderful links, and shows many deaf animals that are up for adoption on Petfinder right now!

Check out the Petfinder page to get links to 20 profiles of deaf pets in need, such as these little guys:

Spalding County/Griffin GA-Last chance animals need rescue, foster, adopt ASAP!


The following two animals are scheduled to be euthanized after 4:30 pm TODAY September 12! They need to be adopted or pulled by a rescue before that time. If you cannot make it to the shelter today, you can fax in the adoption agreement by 4:30 and the animal will be saved.


  • Lab mix
  • Female
  • Young adult


  • Female
  • Mix breed
  • Adult

The following animals have until 4:30 pm on  Monday September 15 to find a rescue or good home.


  • Lab mix
  • Male
  • Adult


  • Lab mix
  • Female
  • Adult


  • Shepherd mix
  • Male
  • Adult


  • Lab mix
  • Male
  • Adult


  • Lab mix
  • Male
  • Young Adult


  • Hound mix
  • Female
  • Adult

Falcon Family:

  • The information says these little guys were born at the shelter. Please let them experience a real life and a warm, loving home.
  • Kittens
  • Mix breed
  • Males & females available


  • Male
  • Mix breed
  • Adult

Falk Family:

  • Please help this family make it out alive!
  • Mix breed
  • Males & females available
  • Mother and kittens need homes

Go here to visit the shelter’s site and see more info:

Go here to open the adoption agreement that you can fax in to the shelter:

Contact shelter for more info:

Phone: 770-467-4772

Fax: 770-467-4771

Philadelphia, PA-Tons of cats/kittens need foster/adopt ASAP

PAWS is full of kittens that need urgent foster care in order to survive! Volunteer foster parents are crucial to the survival of our young kittens, as foster care provides a safe place for the animals to recover and find good adoptive homes, and frees up much needed space at the shelter for other needy animals. PAWS receives many kittens too young to be adopted out yet that need foster care until they are old enough for spay/neuter surgery. We especially need foster homes for momma cats with young nursing kittens, and for orphaned newborns that need to be bottle fed. We also need foster homes for young kittens without mothers who are eating on their own. If you have a spare room in your house please consider helping us to get these adorable babies and their mommas out!

A) Brown tabby momma cat with 4 kittens (all tabby) 2 weeks old

Black momma cat with 4 kittens (1 siamese, 3 black) 1-2 weeks old

C) Black/white momma cat with 5 kittens (various colors) 2-3 weeks old

D) Grey/white momma cat with 7 kittens (various colors) 2 weeks old

E) Brown tabby momma cat with 4 kittens (2 tabby, 2 orange) 2-3 weeks old

F) Black/white momma cat with 5 kittens (various colors) 1 week old

G) Litter of 9 (various colors!) 5 weeks old

H) Litter of 5 (1 siamese, 1 grey, 1 tabby, 2 black) 6 weeks old

I) Litter of 4 (1 orange/white, 1 grey, 1 calico, 1 tabby) 5 weeks old

J) Litter of 4 (2 orange/white, 1 buff, 1 grey) 4-5 weeks old

K) Litter of 3 (1 white/orange, 1 calico) 6 weeks old

L) Litter of 3 (2 tabby, 1 black) 5 weeks old

M) Litter of 3 (2 black, 1 black/white) 5-6 weeks old

N) Litter of 3 (1 black, 2 black/white) 5-6 weeks old

O) Litter of 3 (2 tabby, 1 black) 5 weeks old

P) Litter of 2 (1 black, 1 black/white) 6 weeks old

Q) Litter of 2 (1 calico, 1 torbie) 6 weeks old

R) Single grey tabby 6 weeks old

Single brown tabby 4 weeks old- very scared. This kitten is eating some wet food but will need a few supplementary bottles and/or formula added to its food.

T) Single black kitten 5-6 weeks old

U) Single brown tabby kitten 5 weeks old


Come to the shelter Wednesday between 10am and 6pm: 111 West Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Email Natalie at to confirm which litters are still available
Call shelter at: 267-385-3800 (email is best)

Unless you have a confirmed pick up time for today for a specific litter, all litters go into foster care on a first come, first serve basis.

Falmouth, KY-Kittens & Cat moms need homes/foster ASAP!

There have been many kittens dropped off at Pet Connections in Falmouth, KY in the past week. All of the kittens and mothers need homes. Below is a collage of pictures of just 15. There are 3 moms and 17 kittens not yet pictured! If you cannot adopt, please consider fostering one or two to keep them safe until loving forever homes can be found.

To see information on each specific cat, go to their petfinder page and click “Pets Needing Homes”:

If you cannot adopt or foster, please consider donating to help neuter and spay these guys to prevent more litters of homeless kittens. SPAY is $25 NEUTER is $20. Info can be found on their Petfinder page.

Newnan/Coweta County, GA-Urgent dogs, puppies, cats, kittens need homes!

The following animals are at the Coweta County Animal Control. They are all VERY URGENT and could be euthanized any day! There are so many that I cannot list all of their specific info. Adoptions must be made in person, so we need pullers to get some until adoption, foster, or rescue can be arranged. Please follow the links at the end of this post for links to the pages with further info.





Click here for urgent dogs:

Click here for urgent puppies:

Click here for urgent cats:

Click here for urgent kittens:

  • We need people to adopt who live close enough to the shelter to go get the animals. If you do, please follow one of the above links to go to the shelter’s site and contact them. Please email me at and let me know if you adopt any.
  • We are looking for people to adopt who do not live in the area. TRANSPORT CAN LIKELY BE ARRANGED. We will get people to pull the animal(s) you want to adopt until transport can be made. If you want to adopt, but do not live in the area, email me at
  • We are looking for local people/rescues who can physically pull the animals from the shelter. We are also looking for people/rescues to foster these animals. Some will only need fostered for a short time until transport to new homes can be arranged. If you can pull and/or foster, please email me at