York, PA – Australian Cattle Dog looking for new owner/foster with plenty of time to spare!

This is Bubba, a 1.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. Sadly, his owner no longer has time to care for him. He has to be put in the kennel every weekend. The owner loves this dog and does not want to give Bubba to a new family, but she knows it is what’s best for him. Please consider giving Bubba a chance and do not dwell on the reasons why his owner is parting with him; it is not Bubba’s fault. Bubba is located in York, Pennsylvania. He is very loving and well behaved. Bubba is not neutered, but he is up to date on shots. He has no medical conditions. His owner takes him to the dog park, where he gets along with the other dogs. Bubba is also very friendly with children, although he is so full of love that he will sometimes jump on people to give them “hugs.” This is not aggression, simply excitement, friendliness, and love. He is even-tempered, does not bark at people, and does not react when someone tries to take his food.

Bubba’s owner is willing to transport Bubba up to two hours from York, PA. This means that you do not have to live near Bubba to adopt him! You could also meet the owner half way if you so wished, meaning you could live over 400 miles away and still make this loving guy part of your family!

The adoption fee is $50.00. This inclued Bubba and his crate.

The owner is also possibly looking for a foster family to take Bubba until an adoptive family can be found. She wants him to be able to have love and attention until a family can be found. She might be forced to take him to a shelter if nobody steps up soon, so a foster family would be a saving grace! The owner is will pay for Bubba’s food, care, and medical expenses while he is with a foster person/family.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Bubba, please email me at afurryfriend@gmail.com ASAP!



Cochranton, PA – Farm animals need loving place to call home!

The following 3 animals are at Hog Heaven Rescue Farm in Cochranton, PA. They, along with many other barnyard friends, are looking for new homes.


Xavier is an almost five-year-old alpaca. Alpacas not suited for breeding are neutered and donated to Hog Heaven to generate funds to help the hooved animals. Now, I don’t think Xavier deserves to be treated just as a “donation” and a “fundraiser.” He deserves a loving, spacious home where he’ll be treated like the wonderful animal he is. Alpacas are heard animals, meaning to adopt Xavier you have to either have an alpaca or llama, or adopt another along with Xavier.
Click HERE to visit Xavier’s Petfinder page.


Dudley is an adorable and gentle Appaloosa Gelding. He suffers from some loss of sight in his right eye. He also has some fatty growth on his right shoulder. The rescue says neither of thse things affect his ability to be ridden. Dudley needs a good home where perhaps he can retire from giving rides. Please help him live the simple life he deserves.
Click HERE to visit Dudley’s Petfinder page.


Tank is a beautiful Quaterhorse who was adopted from Hog Heaven, but his owners now need to return him. Hog Heaven is full at the moment and cannot keep Tank. Tank is looking for a new family to love him. He is suited for an advanced beginner. He really enjoys the trails.
Click HERE to visit Tank’s Petfinder page.


Shelbie is an 11-year-old Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie, Collie mix. She is spayed and weighs 58 lbs. She was owner surrendered because they didn’t have time for her. She was their dog for her entire 11 yrs. She was kept largely outside. Shelbie is housebroken, loves to be by your side, loves to be petted , get along with other dogs. Has no problem living indoors. She lived with cats before and is fine with them. She likes going for walks and this should help with getting off those extra lbs she needs to lose. She is already on a reducing diet to get her into top shape. She would be fine with well behaved children. Better off with children that understand that some dogs need their space. She would have a problem with children climbing on her. She is very gentle. She has a little food aggression in close quarters. Please help make her senior years wonderful! (I know, I cannot understand how anyone could get rid of a dog after 11 years either…)
Click HERE to visit Shelbie’s Petfinder page.

SHELBIE IS NOT LOCATED AT HOG HEAVEN! She is in Lancaster, PA. Contact: Barbara Burton 717-898-7583

To visit Hog Heaven’s website for more info and to see additional animals, please click HERE.

Philadelphia, PA- Dog needs foster/adopt!

This adorable guys needs a foster home or forever home adoption right away! He is at the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia.

Hi! My name is Pinky. I am a very sweet and loving terrier Pitt Bull mix. I get so excited when people come and see me that I jump up and down. I am a very good walker and I love to sit for treats! Pinky is in the –Teacher’s Pet program! He is learning how to be a good boy by walking on a leash, sit and stay, and be interactive with others. Here is what Kevin, his teacher has to say about him: “I’ve been working with a really sweet pit bull named Pinky. He got the name Pinky because he was missing some of his hair and his skin is pink! . This guy has been here for alittle while now and I would love to see him go to a good home. He works so hard at trying to please me and everyone. Pinky has come along way and I expect him to do great things! He has some marks on his face that will go away in time …..and with some loving care. I would really like to get him out of the shelter and into foster care. He is incredibly sweet with people and just wants to play with other dogs… I hope his appearence will not limit his chances of finding a good home. Its what is on the inside that is most important and everlasting….not on the outside. He is neutered.

Contact Pennsylvania SPCA at 215-426-6300