Rescue Transport Services

So you want to adopt/foster/rescue an animal, but live far away? Contact one of these transportation services, dedicated to transporting animals to new rescues, fosters, and forever homes. Here you will find transport organizations and groups, yahoo groups, and mailing lists. Some are nationwide, while some only cover certain regions or states. Some are breed-specific, while others are all-breeds and/or all-animals. There are also some that specialize in special needs and senior dogs, as well as last minute rescues.

Transport Groups/Organizations:

Operation Roger
web page:


Dogster Railroad (forum w/ people from all 50 states)
web page: 


BigDawgs Rescue and Transport
web page:


Hero’s Waggin Train
web page:


Boxer Canine Underground Railroad
web page:


Golden Retriever Canine Underground Railroad
web page:


Miniature Schnauzer Drive Rescue Network (CUR)
web page:


Wheaten Underground Railroad
web page:


Baseji Underground Railroad
web page:


Rides Across America (Bassets)
web page:


Bulldog Rescue Railroad (British (English) Bulldogs)
web page:


Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
web page:


Eskie Railroad (American Eskimo dogs)
web page:


Peke Underground Railroad (Pekingese)
web page:


Sheltie Underground Rescue
web page:


Rolling Rescue (Truckers to the Rescue)
web page:


Grayhound Underground Railroad
web page:


Spots and Pals Overland Transport Service (All breed transport)
web page:


Wings for Greyhounds (Air transport for Greyhounds)
web page:


Chihuahua Rescue Transport (US and Canada)
web page:

Yahoo groups:


Pet Transport Net:

Dog Rescue Railroad:

Rescue Transport:


All Breed Rescue:

Biker Babe Transport:

Dog Transport:

Rescue Angels on Wheels:

Illinois Animal Transporters:


PacWest Dog Cooperative:

Rescue Transporters:

For emergency needs/last minute transports:

Specializes in transporting special needs,older dogs, etc. :

Mailing Lists (to post animals in need of transport):

Dog Rescue

Dalmatian Overland Transport

California Rescue

Many shelters also offer or can connect you with transport services/volunteers.


7 Responses

  1. I need help with getting my Golden Lab Fred sent from Tampa fla to frederick md north of wash dc asap now 2/11/09 hees in the pound there since 12 29 08 Ive only known about it for ten days now Im frantically trying to get him outa there and sent here to be safe with me hees guide dog trained and a good dog please help

  2. anjy info on trying to get this done will be greatly appreciated Ive been trying alot of avenues but so far no sucess I want to get tjhis done very soon Thanks Robert

  3. Hi,

    I have a nice little paid transport company called “Recycled Treasures Transport Services”. It is small and private. Because of that, the dogs and pups get extra TLC as compared to the large companys. They are let out to potty more often and allowed play time during the transport. I have a background as a vet assistant and 20+ yrs as a rescuer and know exactly what to keep an eye out for during transport of the pups. I would like to offer my services on your site. I am USDA cert. and have many, many great references.
    Gail Calver
    Recycled Treasures Transport Services
    C- 315-706-1002

  4. Just wondering if I would be able to be added to your listings?


  5. Rural Illinois Shelter in Robinson Illinois needs transport help to move so they don’t have to euth so many‏

  6. Hello, i am trying to do some research for a dog that i found online that is in a shelter in Huntingdon Pa named Jake. He is blind and a very large Newfoundland male that i would like to adopt however i am in Ky and will be moving to Florida in a month or so. I tried to call the shelter today but were closed therefore don’t know what his status is or if i would be allow to adopt him without personally going in myself. My ideal situation would be if i could find someone to foster Jack until i get to Florida however if needed he could come to Ky at anytime. My problem is if Jake is still there and i am allow to adopt him, i would need some assistance in getting him as close to Ky or Florida as i could so that i can drive the extra distance and pick him up. Can you or do you know of any other group that may be able to help me with this, if i can get him? I would be very thankful for any imformation that you can share with me to help bring Jake home to me unless he has already found a loving home already. Thanks so much for you time and consideration. Kim Brewer 859 771-0770

  7. I need a transport of a small puppy. Toy fox terrier from Las Vegas. He is a rescue from TFT rescue. I live in Hastings MN. I can easily pick him up from Minneapolis air port or St. Paul area. Thanks for any help. He is tiny and I hate to think of him flying or something alone.

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